8 ball pool

Honestly, I did not know there are so many different types of pool games. I’ve known pool always just as billiards, but apparently there are so many variations around the world. There is even a big variety in the balls and sizes that are used in pool games in general. Anyway, when we were kids, the basic rules was to first decide whether you are supposed to hit the full colored balls or the stripey ones. If you managed to pocket one of your balls, you get an extra round as long as you keep pocketing the correct balls. Once you were finished with your own balls, you just had to get the black ball and that was the end of the game. I’m quite sure this did not follow any standardized pool or billiards rules, but we had fun anyway playing.

8 Ball Pool is a simple billiards simulator from Gametop. The file is really tiny, just 6Mb, so perfect to download on your laptop any play anytime you want. Please note that this is not the same as the popular online 8 Ball Pool, so basically you don’t need to be online every time you play. That being said, this is not an online multiplayer game either, even you can play with a friend on your computer locally.

I would have reviewed the 8 Ball Pool from Miniclip, but was immediately turned off by the amount of advertising that is thrown at you. Every now and then you are asked to buy some coins for real money or whatever, so that does not fit into my criteria of reviewing games here. Apparently it is really popular though and I’m sure they are making millions from people who want to gamble.

8 Ball Pool

So that’s enough of ranting, now onto the real review of 8 Ball Pool. As mentioned before, this is a simple game and takes only a moment to set it up. You can play against the computer or your friend. If you choose to play against the computer, you just choose the level of difficulty and off you go. If you need to pause your gaming, there is an option to save your progress and continue at another time.

Other than the basics, the game offers some cool features. Beginners will get the game rules, so you know at least what you are supposed to do. There are also options to help with the balls and directions of “shooting”.

8 Ball Pool

You can change the angle which is critical in order to get the shot where you want it. For me, pool has always been a really interesting game. But I do remember how the real physical pool tables were always a bit wonky, the balls would not go where you wanted and so on. With the computer version of 8 Ball Pool, there are no worries of these things to happen since everything works out by the physical modeling.

I found out that it’s not so fun to play against the computer, but this is great fun to play with a friend on the same computer. Nothing too fancy about tournaments, campaigns or developing your player skills, but just a simple and straightforward pool game. And as always, this is completely free of charge 🙂

Verdict for 8 Ball Pool 7 / 10

This simple pool game gets seven out of ten points. It would be easily maybe an eight, but the somewhat outdated graphics are a bit of a letdown. Pool is one of those classic games that dont really need that much of fancy features. If the base game is not working, all the extras wont help and in this regard 8 Ball Pool is a solid “investment”.

Download 8 Ball Pool here