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I have not reviewed yet a game called Pacxon, but I accidentally came across a game which is like an updated version of that classic. Pacxon is like a combination of the old Pacman and the snake game that became part of the popular culture after it was included with the Nokia mobile phones. I think Pacman does not need an introduction for the older gamers, but lately I realized there is definitely a generation gap and the younger crowd probably has no idea what I am talking about. Anyway, Pacman is an old game about a yellow little ball in a maze collecting points and avoiding ghosts. The game was popular sometime in the 1980’s as an arcade game.

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Anyway, Billy Bob Adventure is a bizarre mix of these games, basically taking the old game mechanics and put them into a more modern game engine with 3D graphics and all the bells and whistles. So, with this game you are helping Billy Bob in his helicopter to get rid of the invading aliens. The guy is flying in some kind of makeshift / top-secret helicopter filled with gadgets to help him. The game works in such a way that the helicopter flies in four directions and it leaves a trail that gets filled once you connect the trail to the edges. It might be a little hard to understand from the explanation, but basically you are trying to “fill” the field so that the aliens do not have space to move anymore. This is exactly the same as what happens with Pacxon, just that Billy Bob Adventure has 3D graphics, power-ups and all kinds of other goodies players expect these days.

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The game has sixty levels so there is plenty of aliens and action to be had. Ultimately, Billy Bob Adventure is almost like an action puzzle game, but I bet some people would classify it as an arcade game. After all, Pacman was really one of those games that defined what is an arcade game anyway. Even if the game is 3D, I’m quite sure it runs on older computers. The levels are mostly stationary, so you would not need a powerful 3D graphics cars like you would with a racing game or something really like Fallout or the new Doom. The name of the game is really puzzling though. Billy Bob just brings some American hillbilly to my mind, and nothing even remotely connected to this type of a game. Of course, there are many popular games with very obscure names, but at least they have millions to throw into their marketing so it does not really matter that much.

Billy Bob Adventure Verdict

This game is a solid performer and I would imagine this is easily enjoyed by younger gamers as well. The controls and the whole logic of the game is really simple, which is a good thing in this case. Obviously this is a free game, but on top of that it is less than 10mb file, so really a good choice for those with a limited Internet bandwidth.

7 out of 10 stars (7 / 10)


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