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I had an interesting conversation with a friend lately about how to classify games, or rather, what genre is best suited for any particular game. Turns out that people have very different ideas what is a strategy game or what is an arcade game. I am not going to dig out something from Wikipedia, but I guess it would be safe to say that when it comes to gaming, the choices are really personal and it is hard to understand why one likes a particular game but not some other. Anyway, this Sunday game is called Crystals of Time and in my opinion, this is clearly a hidden object game.

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Apparently this is a really popular game, based on the amount of Let’s Play clips on YouTube. If you are not familiar with hidden object games, the idea is that there is a story and some puzzles. Typically, you cannot advance with the story without solving the puzzle. Hidden object name comes from the fact that the player need to find certain items within the scenes. This sounds very easy, but it is actually quite demanding at times. I don’t know why, but almost all of the hidden object games I have played, are always some kind of mystery/horror/scary genre. Maybe it’s the idea that something is hidden, so it must be a somewhat sinister story.

Crystals of Time is really a detailed and very elaborate hidden object game. It has a very compelling story about helping a girl called Ashley to solve the disappearance of her father. Of course, things are much more complicated and you will be involved in time travel and crystals and all kinds of crazy puzzles. The graphics are a bit old style, there are no 3D scenes, but they look like hand-drawn, just like how adventure games used to be back in the days. I really loved the music, it fits the game perfectly.

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It is hard to describe hidden object games, since there is so much variety. Some are really simple and just involve finding the items on a list, but Crystals of Time requires you to really think and use the items in order to solve the whole story. The game has a hint system, if you get stuck on some of the scenes. I had no knowledge of these kind of hidden object games previously, but it turns out that they are really popular with older gamers. The fact that most of these games run just fine on older desktops and laptops have probably something to do with it as well. I think many of the modern games are just too fast for older gamers and they are not interested in updating their graphics cards, processors and so on. I am not going to give out any spoilers regarding the story, you just have to download the game and see if for yourself. Some people have said that the game is not very long, but I think it is more than enough, definitely entertainment for a few days or weeks. The description says that there are more than 80 hidden object scenes, so that is plenty to play, especially if you just play it slowly over a period of time.

Crystals of Time Verdict

Crystals of Time is one of the higher end hidden object games for sure. This is not a game for kids, but more for adults and those of who have some previous experience with similar puzzle games. Some of the puzzle minigames can be challenging, which I think is just a good thing. But the downside is that some players might get stuck on those. Luckily YouTube is full of Let’s Play clips and walk-throughs for Crystal of Time.

8 out of 10 stars (8 / 10)

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