Golden Path

This Sunday I went digging around to find something I would consider old but gold. I decided to have a go at this game called Golden Path. The name does not exactly say anything and I was not familiar with the title, but if you have played Zuma before, this is something like that. For those who are not familiar with Zuma, the idea is to match colored balls in a row of minimum three to clear the table. In Golden Path you don’t have a “worm” moving along a path like in Zuma, but the colored balls are in the middle of the screen rotating. It’s a little difficult to explain, but the idea is pretty cool since the balls are affected by the gravity. It is one of those game logics that is very easy to understand quickly, but becomes really difficult on later levels. At the bottom of the screen you will have your “shooter” that loads up colored balls one by one.

Golden Path

There is a story of sorts to get you into the game, but actually I would imagine most people just enjoy the arcade action and don’t care too much about the story. Matching colored balls sound really boring, but once you start to figure out the little tricks you can do, it actually becomes really addictive and fun. It’s a bit the same as with the Bubble Witch Saga (whatever it’s called…) games, the story does not matter really as long as the gameplay is solid and fun. The big difference is that Golden Path is completely free. I remember playing those Bubble Witch games and was so annoyed when the popup appears requesting you to buy some credits in order to get a few extra moves.

Gravity plays a big role in Golden Path as well as timing. You have to be careful when you shoot the ball and you are even able to bounce them from the walls. The balls get stuck to the “crystal magnet” in the middle and if you have the balls on one side only, it will turn downwards. Again, easier to play and see than to explain. On top of the basic gameplay you will have tons of bonuses and combos to be activated by matching more than three pieces at once. It is quite clever game design, because in regular arcade games you usually don’t have to think too much, in Golden Path its of course arcade, but good mix of puzzle and strategy there as well. The last time I checked, Zuma was something like 10 dollars, which is not that much, but actually Golden Path is just as good a game for free. This is one of the ideas of Gamesunday, to let you guys know about the cool high quality indie games that are available for free.

Golden Path

Golden Path Verdict

I really liked Golden Path and will definitely continue playing this game. I’m not typically a big fan of arcade games, but there is just the right amount of strategy in this one to keep everything interesting. The levels get pretty imaginative as well when you progress in the game. Highly recommended if you have played Zuma or Luxor earlier and liked those games.

8 out of 10 stars (8 / 10)

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