Since I started doing these game reviews, I’ve come across several times totally new genres and types of games that I had no idea actually existed. I don’t claim that I would know it all, but for example it was a real revelation about hidden object games and the last big surprise was nonograms. A friend suggested me to have a look at “princess games” and I literally had no idea again what he was talking about. Just by Googling around it seemed that princess games are something like dress-up games for little girls. Most of them were browser games and I do not cover online games at all. And secondly, a lot of them were based on some Disney / Frozen theme and my guess they are just using the brand without a permission. Pretty sure the Disney lawyers are busy all day long chasing these developers.

My Kingdom for the Princess screenshot

Anyway, I decided to dig a little deeper and found this series of games called My Kingdom for the Princess. Actually, you are playing the role of a knight in this game, but it is all related to kingdoms, princesses and the whole typical fantasy works. The game is basically a time / resource management game and apparently a popular one since there are at least 5 installations of the genre. The game what I am talking about here is the first “episode”. The idea is the complete the tasks by assigning workers to get resources what you can use to build stuff. I know that description does not sound very exciting, but this game is really a solid performer. Since this is the first episode, the graphics are a bit outdated, but when it comes to gaming, it is the core mechanics that will keep players coming back over time. So your workers need to clear the path on each level to complete and advance to the next. For example, you might have a broken bridge which of course requires wood for repairs. So you will be sending your workers to collect wood, but workers need food so you have to build a farm to get some food. It is not rocket science really, but I would not say the game is for very young players since you still need to have an understanding of the logic behind it all. Each level has a timer so you need to think and plan your the usage of your resources wisely or you end up losing each time. The first levels are really easy, but the difficulty goes up steadily as you go along. It is the fantasy story that keeps the game interesting and the introduction of new elements.

My Kingdom for the Princess Gameplay

This is not exactly a walkthrough but more of a quick gameplay clip to give you an idea of how the game works and what you can expect if you download it.

My Kingdom for the Princess Verdict

Surprisingly I actually like this game. I’m not quite sure if this is exactly a “princess game” what one might be looking for, but it really solid time and resource management game for casual players. Given that this is the first installation in the series, I would imagine the subsequent games are even better and more polished. Definitely recommended if this is the game genre you like.

7 out of 10 stars (7 / 10)