Lately I’ve been reviewing several games that I did not like so much. Obviously, this might be happening if you were someone who is paid to do reviews, but these games have been just chosen by me personally and there’s been more misses than hits. This comes down to the fact that I really do not have patience for logic or complicated puzzle games. I don’t really know why, but those types of games really seem like a waste of time for me. I do understand that a lot of people love crosswords or playing chess, but that just is not me.

So this time I decided to review something I do enjoy and that game is called Royal Defense. I came across this game when searching for some tower defense games on Youtube and there was this one guy going over and and over again how difficult the game is.If you are familiar with tower defense games, they are basically kind of mixed puzzle and action games where you are usually protecting your base from attacking enemies. There is quite a bit of variety in the themes of the games, but the base logic is always the same. Build towers, kill enemies, receive money and build more powerful towers to kill more enemies. That’s it in a nutshell. Sounds very boring, but it is actually quite fun.

royal defense

So, Royal Defense seems to be a franchise I’ve never heard of and I’m not quite sure how many games there have been before the Royal Defense Invisible Threat. What is special about the Invisible Threat, is that it is really crazy difficult. It is so difficult that I have not been able to beat the first level on the easiest difficulty. I do consider myself pretty good playing all kinds of games, but this game is really something. It all starts out nicely, but sooner or later you realize that there is no way you can block all the enemies. The developers have been really smart though. By playing the game, you earn diamonds which can be used in the shop to upgrade your towers, spells and other things. This sounds like a common trick to lure the player to spend money, but in this case there are no in-app or rather in-game purchases. The diamonds can only be acquired by playing the game more. So you will play a bit, earn some diamonds, upgrade your systems and try to beat the level again and hoping the upgrades are enough.

royal defense - invisible threat

The graphics are solid and the game runs beautiful in full screen mode. I’ve seen plenty of tower defense games coming on mobile, but frankly in my opinion these kind of games are better played with a mouse and big screen. Royal defense has just the right amount of things to tweak that it does not get boring. It is totally up to the player how to set up their defenses. I have literally tried all kinds of tactics but still have not figured out how to beat the level one. It is definitely possible to beat it, but it might take a few (hundred) tries more to get it.

Royal Defense Verdict

I love this game, despite the crazy difficult level. Most likely I am going to continue playing this until I can beat the first level. Just hoping the second level is not that tough since then it might become boring very fast. All in all, this is really solid tower defense and highly recommended.

8 out of 10 stars (8 / 10)