Spider Solitaire

While I’m not typically big on card games and even less card games on a computer, I decided to give it a go for Spider Solitaire from Gametop. Spider solitaire is generally understood a type of solitaire game, but this is actually a package of twelve different kinds of solitaires. The classic spider is there, but there are many others with names like Full Moon, Galaxy, Simple Simon, Scarab solitaire etc. Honestly I did not play all of them, but they are supposed to be the most popular versions of the classic solitaire.

spider solitaire menu

If you are not familiar with solitaire, or your last experience was with the in-built version in Windows 95, below are the basics.

Rules of Solitaire

Solitaire is a single player game, with the aim of creating four piles of cards that are in ascending order; beginning with an ace and ending with a king. You can move cards from one pile to another if the other card below is “higher” in value than the one you are moving. You will win solitaire if you are able to create four piles (one pile per suit) in perfect order.

Those are the basic rules of solitaire and naturally there a million variations on the basic theme. Solitaire is a little bit like chess in a sense that it has very clear and very fixed rules by which you have to play. Then again there are almost infinite variations and each game will be totally unique, within those constraints set by the rules. I guess that is why they call games like chess, solitaire and mahjong kind of “evergreen” games. You can play these games over and over again.

spider solitaire board

Two Suit, Four Suit solitaire

This compilation of Spider Solitaire games include variations of the “classic” solitaire. Some players who think that regular solitaire is too easy, can try the two suit or even four suit solitaires that are significantly more difficult. Personally, I find the “single suit” solitaire already challenging enough so I don’t have to venture much further in terms of difficulty levels. Each solitaire will have the exact rules written down, so you do not have to worry about making mistakes. Besides, the good part about playing solitaire on a computer is that the system will keep track of your moves and will not allow making false matches. It prevents you from cheating as well 🙂

Spider Solitaire Verdict

This is a tricky one to review since I am not big on card games at all. That being said, the game is solid and definitely delivers in terms of gameplay. I could imagine this is a really awesome pack for someone who likes solitaire because there are so many different versions included. I find it personally really difficult to understand why someone would just play the same game over and over again. Maybe there is something “zen” about it, who knows. In the recent years, and especially with the advent of smartphones and iPads, there seems to be a revival of solitaire games. I see a lot of older folks playing these games in buses and trains. It’s definitely easier to play on your device than carry a pack of cards with you always.

7 out of 10 stars (7 / 10)

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