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Greatest Cities Mahjong

Part of the fun with Gamesunday is that I can really take my time and find something special to review. There are so many sites talking about the newest games, but honestly, I’m not that interested in what is the latest game release. I am more interested in finding those “hidden gems”, if you will….

Spider Solitaire

While I’m not typically big on card games and even less card games on a computer, I decided to give it a go for Spider Solitaire from Gametop. Spider solitaire is generally understood a type of solitaire game, but this is actually a package of twelve different kinds of solitaires. The classic spider is there,…

Chess – Classic Board Game

This time, I thought to write about a game that has been around more than 800 years. The game is called chess, and some say that the origins actually go all the way back almost two thousand years to a game called chaturaṅga. Of course, we are talking about the modern equivalent, computer chess. When I was…